Drink Before You Think
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Old friends from Texas sit down to have a drink and discuss general topics ranging from what kind of movies, music & tv shows they like to going to the bathroom at work. So crack open a beer or get your favorite drink and come join us for a few laughs an a lot of misinformation.

New episodes every Monday! Give us a call at 682-233-2009 and be sure to leave a voicemail and we will play it on a later episode.

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    The Worst Beers Of All Time

    We try some of the worst top rated beers and immediately regret the decision to do so. We fully blame Alex for this idea and the ending results.

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    Half Pour: Just Futzing Around

    In-between recording full episodes we start to play random clips from YouTube and some other music stuff, nothing of real importance but gives you an idea of us just hanging out and having a good time.

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    Mic Check

    Oh Wait a minute now Ha ha ha Come on Wait a Minute Now

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    Half Pour: 1-800-HEY-STACY

    Longtime "fan" Stacy gets a call from us to test her knowledge on the show to see if she can be a future guest.

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    Warm Beer and Old Age

    As we grow older we've come to realize what that they're certain things we just don't like any more. Drinking warm beer, avoiding the cops, getting gray hair or losing our hair or just some of those many things. What we do like? Bleached assholes and Donald Glover.

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    Half Pour: We Got Beef

    Our long standing beef with the Talented Slackers Podcast comes full circle as Mando leaves a voicemail to contest just how popular and movie smart we are compared to them.

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    2019: Year Of The Axe Wound

    In our first episode of the new year we cover topics such as our 2018 year end review, slang terms for women, soda names by region, Matthew McConaughey just LIVIN', warm beer and kegel exercises. Whoa that's a lot you say? Well we've been gone for a bit and we gots stuff to talk about. Also movies. Of course.

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    Half Pour: Pop Quiz Hotshot!

    Before Scott's first appearance on the podcast, we call him up to see just how excited he is to be on and test his true knowledge of the show to prove that he's our #1 fan.

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    Half Pour: David Allan Coe vs Weird Science

    Jeffy plays a David Allan Coe song for Alex so they can discuss old country songs again and this some how reminds Gera to tell everyone how he purchased Weird Science on iTunes.

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    Holiday Break

    Everyone calls into the DBYT hotline to let the other guys know they won't be able to record this week. Except no one thought to ask who would actually take care of uploading any new content. Cheers!

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    Half Pour: Medieval Times (A Time Travel Buddy Comedy)

    What if you could travel back in time and rule the time period you set out for? What if you thought you had a pretty good plan but realized your buddy who went along with you would be taking poops the whole time? This is what happens with DBYT talks about time travel.

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    We Da Bessss @ Movie Talk

    Showing those other movie podcasts how it's really done, DBYT takes it to whole nother level discussing current movies they've seen and upcoming ones like the Breaking Bad movie. By the end of this episode you'll be wondering why you ever went any where else for your movie talk. Also stay tuned for everyones favorite topic: Politics!

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    Half Pour: Stanley Calls Back

    Returning caller and number one fan Stanley calls us back to clarify some questions we had about his last phone call. Let's just say he might be a little angry with our assumptions.

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    No Nut November

    With the start of November the guys discuss not being able to make the No Nut November Challenge, Alex's disdain for Christmas time and the holidays and butthole pleasures.

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    Half Pour: Discount Tire Memories

    The guys recount some funny stories and people from their Discount Tire days that somehow unsurprisingly involves more poop.

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    Drunken Stories - Vol. 2

    Scott and Chad return to tell more drunken stories that happened during their Pizza Hut years and college.

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    Half Pour: Colorado Kool-Aid

    After a friend of Alex's suggests we listen to the song Colorado Kool-Aid by Johnny Paycheck, we give him a call to discuss the origins of the song and what it means to be an American.

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    Drunken Stories - Vol. 1

    In a first of many we bring you in what can only be described as drunken stories. Ones that involve alcohol and the sometimes stupidity that comes along with its consumption. This episode features special guest Scott (Super #1 fan) and returning guest Chad to talk about their early days delivering pizzas and partying with Jeffy.

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    Half Pour: Voicemails and Introspective Gera

    We take a listen to this last months voicemails and give our commentary on them. Also Gera starts to ramble on about the The Island of Dr. Moreau and the future of all mankind/animal-kind.

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    Sloppy Shoutouts From Sloppy Hosts

    After day drinking at a local brewery Alex and Gera come stammering in to host with a completely sober Jeffy. The results are too many shoutouts for just one podcast (hint: it's one Alex is also on), forgetting that we've already discuss a topic earlier in the episode and Gera losing notes only to realize they've been there all along.

    Drinks Consumed: Anything from Revolver Brewery (Alex and Gera), Mystery Homebrew (Jeffy)

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    Half Pour: Accidental Strip Club DJs

    When Lil Alex hits the wrong key on Garageband (because lets face it, it was him who did it and not Jeffy), the audio turns into what can only be described as strip club dj voice.

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    What would you do if you had superpowers? Would you help people or just do good deeds in general? The DBYT guys give their answers and shockingly, it's not anything good.

    Drinks Consumed: Guinness Draught (Gera), Homebrew (Jeffy), Some mixed drink in a Griff's Hamburgers styrofoam cup (Lil Alex)

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    The Whatever Episode

    Trying a new type of episode where we really don't have central topic. We go all over the place covering manscaping, the new Eminem album, youtube clips and more of just...whatever. So will give this a listen and tell us if you think we should do more.

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    Half Pour: The Phone Lines Are Open

    Leave a voice message or shoot us a text to let us know how we are doing on our new phone line at 682-233-2009. Messages and texts will be read on upcoming shows so be sure to include a first name so we can give you a shout out!

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    Get A Job - Vol.2

    In our second episode about jobs we talk about big screw ups we made while working, playings jokes on fellow employees and more! Special Guests Gil and Mando from The Talented Slackers

    Drinks Consumed: Michelob Ultra (Lil Alex), Guinness Draught (Gera), Martin House Salty Lady (Jeffy)

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    Half Pour: Episode 17 Preview

    Here is a preview of next weeks episode, Get A Job - Vol. 2, were we continue our discussion of being in the workforce. This snippet is a story from Jeffy were he recounts the time as a pizza delivery driver, he decided to shake up a customers 2-liter soda with disastrous results.

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    Get A Job - Vol. 1

    Mowing lawns, delivering pizzas, making bagels. These are just some of our first jobs during our high school years with stories explaining how we ultimately screwed up at them at some point. Special Guests Mando and Gil from The Talented Slackers

    Drinks Consumed: Michelob Ultra (Lil Alex), Guinness Draught (Gera), Saint Arnolds Summer Pils (Jeffy), Water (Mando & Gil)

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    Half Pour: Sexy Times At The Work Place

    Special guest Mando (Talented Slackers) and Jeffy tell stories of sexual acts happening at the work place and the risk of getting caught. Gera wishes we talked about this subject every episode.

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    The Golden Age Of Television

    This episode we cover more of the current television landscape aka 'The Golden Age of Television' and what our favorite shows are currently. Special Guest Mando from The Talented Slackers podcast

    Drinks Consumed: Saint Arnold Orange Show (Jeffy), Corona Premier (Lil Alex), Corona Premier & Michelob Ultra (Gera), Brandy and Coke (Mando)

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    Half Pour: Man Crushes

    In this Half Pour we talk about our man crushes and why we selected them. Don't get jealous if you weren't chosen (we're talking about you Scott!)

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    A Brief History Of Television

    In this episode we discuss the evolution of the television landscape in both viewing methods and in quality. We also go over some older shows we used to watch back in the day. Special Guest Mando from The Talented Slackers podcast!

    Drinks Consumed: Brooklyn Pale Ale Seasonal (Gera), Saint Arnold Summer Pils, Corona Premier (Lil Alex), Brandy and Coke (Mando)

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    Half Pour: Movie Remake Game

    Lil Alex brings over a game done on his other podcast (The Talented Slackers), where we recast old movies if they were remade today. This snippet comes from an unused episode we recorded on the topic of movies.

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    Back In The Day - Vol. 2

    In round 2 of nostalgia we take another trip down memory lane and talk collecting baseball cards, Gera's being a little thief/punk, watching the Playboy channel on scrambled cable, school cafeteria food, Jeffy's eating leftover food problem and more! Special Guest Gilbert from The Talented Slackers Podcast

    Drinks Consumed: Michelob Ultra (Gera), Saint Arnold Orange Show (Jeffy), Michelob Ultra (Lil Alex), Johnny Walker Black Label (Gilbert)

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    Half Pour: Gera's Wasted

    In our initial "practice run" for this podcast Gera came little a too prepared by day drinking before we had even started recording. By the end of the recording session Gera was pretty drunk and pissed at everyone for not being as "prepared" as he was. Enjoy!

  36. Thumb 1529152377 artwork

    Guilty Pleasures

    Delving into their deepest, darkest and smelliest secrets the guys discuss their guilty pleasures and the notion of embracing or hiding them from other people. Special Guest Brandon aka Bobo from The Talented Slackers podcast!

    Drinks Consumed: Brooklyn Summer Ale (Gera), Martin House Salty Lady (Jeffy), Michelob Ultra (Lil Alex), Brooklyn Lager (Bobo)

  37. Thumb 1529870335 artwork

    Half Pour: Episode 12 Setup/Outtakes

    Introducing new minisodes called Half Pours! Since we are unable to put out full episodes every week we hope this will fill the gap a little bit. The content of these will consist of episode previews, outtakes, extra recordings and other stuff that that doesn't fit into the traditional context of a regular episode.

    This Half Pour consists of us setting up Episode 12 with Gera doing his own version of The Breakfast Club's radio show opening and Special Guest Bobo (from The Talented Slackers) relishing in the fact that he's not in charge of recording for this podcast.

  38. Thumb 1527797557 artwork

    Vacation Stories

    Cuba, Colorado and even crusie ships in Mexico. The DBYT fellas are no strangers to traveling but they still somehow manage to drink and make some funny mistakes along the way.

    Drinks Consumed: Jeffy Homebrew (Gera, Big Alex), Chopin Vodka/Jeffy Homebrew (Lil Alex), Martin House True Love (Jeffy)

  39. Thumb 1526859495 artwork

    Because The Internet

    This episode covers our use of social media, dating sites, chat rooms and the whole reason the internet was invented in the first place - to look up porn.

    Drinks Consumed: Miller Lite (Gera), Modelo (Big Alex), Chopin Vodka (Lil Alex), Martin House True Love/Homebrewed Summer Wheat Ale (Jeffy)

  40. Thumb 1525547298 artwork

    High School Shenanigans

    In celebration of Cinco de Mayo we are releasing this episode a couple of days early. Come with us on a journey into our youth where we remember our first tastes of alcohol, first times getting drunk and other hilarious high school stories. Special Guests Chad & Danny!

    Drinks Consumed: Devils River Whiskey (Lil Alex), Corona Premiere (Big Alex), Leinenkugel Summer Shandy (Jeffy), Shiner Bock (Danny), Michelob Ultra (Chad)

  41. Thumb 1524025145 artwork

    Bad Boys?

    In this episode we reflect on our past run-ins with the law and come to realize just how much little trouble we've actually been in throughout the years. Also Big Alex is missing in action, but where on earth could he be?

    Drinks Consumed: Deep Ellum Local Legend Sweet Stout (Lil Alex), Yeti Imperial Stout (Gera), Leinenkugel Summer Shandy (Jeffy)

  42. Thumb 1522497583 artwork

    We're Poor!

    In part 2 of 2 we flip the script to see what happens if we lost all of our money and suddenly find ourselves homeless and living on the streets. **Special Guest: R-Mando from The Talented Slackers podcast

    Drinks Consumed: Miller Lite (Gera), Shiner Bock (Jeffy), Imperial (Big Alex), Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde & Wild Acre Texas Blonde (Lil Alex), Chopin Vodka w/ Sprite (R-Mando)

  43. Thumb 1521987159 artwork

    We're Rich!

    In Part 1 of 2 , the guys discuss what would happen if they were to win the lottery and whether they would remain friends with this life changing event. **Also we have our first guest, R-Mando, from The Talented Slackers podcast!

    Drinks Consumed: Miller Lite (Gera), Shiner Bock (Jeffy), Imperial (Big Alex), Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde & Wild Acre Texas Blonde (Lil Alex), Chopin Vodka w/ Sprite (R-Mando)

  44. Thumb 1520795580 artwork

    Back In The Day

    After Gera realizes that there aren't any more Saturday morning cartoons, the guys discuss what shows they used to watch as kids along with what toys and games they played. Also Big Alex gets mad at Lil Alex and Gera for talking about a different kind of "playtime" that results in a happy ending.

    Drinks Consumed: Deep Ellum Local Legend (Gera), Odell Myrcenary Double IPA (Jeffy), Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde (Lil Alex) & Martin House True Love (Big Alex)

  45. Thumb 1519621155 artwork

    Let's Go To The Movies

    After discussing how well the new Black Panther movie is doing, the guys recollect on the first big (and weird) movie theater experiences they had while also going through their favorite movies from all genres - especially chick flicks.

  46. Thumb 1518025238 artwork

    A Bucket Full of Lists

    Gera tries to take over the entire podcast as lead host while we discuss the topics of bucket lists and ultimately our deaths.

  47. Thumb 1518026345 artwork

    The Montel Williams EP

    In this episode we discuss our musical tastes past and present, what concerts we've attended, sexual slang terms and how old age has slowed our recovery from a hard night of drinking.

  48. Thumb 1517749802 artwork

    In The Beginning There Was...Poop?

    In our inaugural episode we introduce ourselves while discussing how we met and how the podcast came to be. Further topics include your identity on the internet, squatty potty usage, porn searches and more! Enjoy!

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