Drink Before You Think

Drink Before You Think

Old friends from Texas sit down to have a drink and discuss general topics ranging from what kind of movies, music & tv shows they like to going to the bathroom at work. So crack open a beer or get your favorite drink and come join us for a few laughs an a lot of misinformation.

New episodes every Monday!

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    Drunken Stories - Vol. 2

    Scott and Chad return to tell more drunken stories that happened during their Pizza Hut years and college.

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    Half Pour: Colorado Kool-Aid

    After a friend of Alex's suggests we listen to the song Colorado Kool-Aid by Johnny Paycheck, we give him a call to discuss the origins of the song and what it means to be an American.

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    Drunken Stories - Vol. 1

    In a first of many we bring you in what can only be described as drunken stories. Ones that involve alcohol and the sometimes stupidity that comes along with its consumption. This episode features special guest Scott (Super #1 fan) and returning guest Chad to talk about their early days delivering pizzas and partying with Jeffy.

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    Half Pour: Voicemails and Introspective Gera

    We take a listen to this last months voicemails and give our commentary on them. Also Gera starts to ramble on about the The Island of Dr. Moreau and the future of all mankind/animal-kind.

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    Sloppy Shoutouts From Sloppy Hosts

    After day drinking at a local brewery Alex and Gera come stammering in to host with a completely sober Jeffy. The results are too many shoutouts for just one podcast (hint: it's one Alex is also on), forgetting that we've already discuss a topic earlier in the episode and Gera losing notes only to realize they've been there all along.

    Drinks Consumed: Anything from Revolver Brewery (Alex and Gera), Mystery Homebrew (Jeffy)

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    Half Pour: Accidental Strip Club DJs

    When Lil Alex hits the wrong key on Garageband (because lets face it, it was him who did it and not Jeffy), the audio turns into what can only be described as strip club dj voice.

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    What would you do if you had superpowers? Would you help people or just do good deeds in general? The DBYT guys give their answers and shockingly, it's not anything good.

    Drinks Consumed: Guinness Draught (Gera), Homebrew (Jeffy), Some mixed drink in a Griff's Hamburgers styrofoam cup (Lil Alex)

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    The Whatever Episode

    Trying a new type of episode where we really don't have central topic. We go all over the place covering manscaping, the new Eminem album, youtube clips and more of just...whatever. So will give this a listen and tell us if you think we should do more.

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    Half Pour: The Phone Lines Are Open

    Leave a voice message or shoot us a text to let us know how we are doing on our new phone line at 682-233-2009. Messages and texts will be read on upcoming shows so be sure to include a first name so we can give you a shout out!

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