Drink Before You Think
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Old friends from Texas sit down to have a drink and discuss general topics ranging from what kind of movies, music & tv shows they like to going to the bathroom at work. So crack open a beer or get your favorite drink and come join us for a few laughs an a lot of misinformation.

New episodes every Monday! Give us a call at 682-233-2009 and be sure to leave a voicemail and we will play it on a later episode.

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    Half Pour: Just Futzing Around

    In-between recording full episodes we start to play random clips from YouTube and some other music stuff, nothing of real importance but gives you an idea of us just hanging out and having a good time.

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    Mic Check

    Oh Wait a minute now Ha ha ha Come on Wait a Minute Now

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    Half Pour: 1-800-HEY-STACY

    Longtime "fan" Stacy gets a call from us to test her knowledge on the show to see if she can be a future guest.

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    Warm Beer and Old Age

    As we grow older we've come to realize what that they're certain things we just don't like any more. Drinking warm beer, avoiding the cops, getting gray hair or losing our hair or just some of those many things. What we do like? Bleached assholes and Donald Glover.

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    Half Pour: We Got Beef

    Our long standing beef with the Talented Slackers Podcast comes full circle as Mando leaves a voicemail to contest just how popular and movie smart we are compared to them.

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    2019: Year Of The Axe Wound

    In our first episode of the new year we cover topics such as our 2018 year end review, slang terms for women, soda names by region, Matthew McConaughey just LIVIN', warm beer and kegel exercises. Whoa that's a lot you say? Well we've been gone for a bit and we gots stuff to talk about. Also movies. Of course.

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    Half Pour: Pop Quiz Hotshot!

    Before Scott's first appearance on the podcast, we call him up to see just how excited he is to be on and test his true knowledge of the show to prove that he's our #1 fan.

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    Half Pour: David Allan Coe vs Weird Science

    Jeffy plays a David Allan Coe song for Alex so they can discuss old country songs again and this some how reminds Gera to tell everyone how he purchased Weird Science on iTunes.

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    Holiday Break

    Everyone calls into the DBYT hotline to let the other guys know they won't be able to record this week. Except no one thought to ask who would actually take care of uploading any new content. Cheers!

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    Half Pour: Medieval Times (A Time Travel Buddy Comedy)

    What if you could travel back in time and rule the time period you set out for? What if you thought you had a pretty good plan but realized your buddy who went along with you would be taking poops the whole time? This is what happens with DBYT talks about time travel.

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